Want to join in?
Here's how you can get involved!

This is a grassroots project and will need lots of help and contribution to thrive. Here are some ideas for how you could help inspire and transform this idea into reality, and if there are other ways you'd like to contribute, please email your idea over! 

Build Volunteer

During 2022 we will be converting an old stable barn into the new workshop space. There is lots of construction work to be done, as well as building up the infrastructure of the space such as building benches and storage! No prior building or tool experience necessary: if you'd like to volunteer your time to help you'll get a hands-on teaching into these processes and hopefully learn some fundamental construction and tool skills along the way! Alternatively if you do already have experience we'd be very grateful for further expertise. Email info@inherhands.org to find out how to come along!  

Workshop Facilitator

If you are experienced in any form of construction or craft labour we'd love to hear from you about facilitating a workshop. In Her Hands aims to cover the many categories of building and share as many skills as possible!

We are also looking for on-going support who could help facilitate our weekly open access day and be a general guide for advice and help as we learn and craft together.

Contribute Your Story

If you are a woman or non-binary builder/crafter/creative self taught individual who has any insights, photographs, thoughts or stories tell about your work or projects then we'd love to hear from you!


The hope is that by furthering inspirational, gender-diverse representation in construction and tool-prominent work, that those unsure of their personal capabilities or future potential will feel empowered. Sharing each other’s stories and uplifting our work hopefully also creates a supportive online environment too! Very importantly, it’s to try and establish a narrative where the focus is no longer that it is a woman building, simply a person in building who happens to be a woman! Only when this becomes consistently visually represented will it make its way into becoming a social norm. 

If you'd like to be involved or contribute in this way, no matter how small the content, please drop an email to Georjie at info@inherhands.org for more information!

Social Media And Web Assistance

We want In Her Hands to have the strongest reach possible. Therefore a fair amount of creative and authentic effort needs to go into speaking to an audience and sharing information. If you would like to be involved in any marketing, content creation, web building or email campaigning please email info@inherhands.org to get involved! 

Donate Tools And Materials

This is an independent project starting from ground level and to have the largest social impact possible will need a good amount of tools and materials to work with; any donations will be hugely appreciated and there is a large need for a variety of such contributions. If you feel there would be anything or anyway you could assist and help in this way then please message Georjie at info@inherhands.org for an updated list of needs or with a proposition of a donation.


To register interest, please take the time to fill out the information below.