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Build Your Own Design!

Sliding Scale Tickets

Want to learn the fundamentals of building and DIY in a creative, personalised environment where your creativity and personal pace can lead your day? Do you have something you'd like to build but you don't have the materials, tools, or building knowledge to make it happen?


Come along to our popular build-your-own woodworking sessions that run from 9.45am-4.30pmA unique learning experience, you will get your own bench, be given a set of your own tools to use for the day, access to a store of up-cycled wood, and an experienced facilitator will then help guide you throughout the day to bring your project to life!


These workshops are for anyone who identifies as a woman & any other marginalised gender (trans and non-binary inclusive!)

womens carpentry course
womens woodwork course
open access women's woodwork
womens carpentry
womens woodwork spice rack
womens woodwork bird box
womens building course chair

What does the day entail?

Our open access days offer a unique experience lead by your learning pace and personal aspirations. Throughout the day your pace is entirely up to you - open to absolute beginners or those developing their skills, learn and explore at your own bench with supportive guidance throughout the day. You will either come with your own idea/project or get inspired at our workshop to develop your own idea into a finished piece.  You will learn: - How to design and plan your idea, including where to start with dimensions and problem solving - How to prepare your reclaimed timber - How to accurately measure and confidently cut wood with a hand saw - Depending on your project, learn how to use a variety of power tools such as the electric jigsaw, circular saw, orbital sander and more - How to 'put together' your furniture with an electric drill, and learn about how to choose screw types, sizes and pilot drills. - Finishing touches on your piece such as wood filler or high grit sanding if there's time - Receive advice/instruction on oiling your piece at home ​ The aim of the day is not to leave with a perfect finished product, but to have built up your confidence, skill sets and knowledge at your own pace - our workshop is pressure free. That being said, if you're determined and passionate there's no limits to what you might achieve in a session!  ​ Tea, coffee and biscuits provided - please bring your own packed lunch!  Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions for refreshments when you book.  ​

We are running these workshops on a fair pricing scale, much lower than average similar course prices. We also set our tickets on a sliding scale to provide a more accessible option to those on lower incomes. Our 'pay it forward' options are a little extra for those able to help us make the low income spaces available - please choose this option if you can. We'll leave it in your hands as to how much you're able to contribute, but please take a look at the helpful infographic below for guidance and a fair perspective.


Low-income £55 // Standard £75 // Pay it forward £95. We will give you details for online payment on the day. 

We rely on a community centred and conscious mindset from those participating to contribute fairly.

Sliding Scale Tickets

Important information

- Please arrive at the workshop at 9.45am ready for your induction. - Covid Precautions: Please do not attend if you have any symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. We have shared ear defenders sand safety glasses but if you'd like to avoid sharing these items please bring your own.  - Currently, these sessions are for participants age 18 or over but we welcome minors 15 - 17 when accompanied by a parent/guardian.  - We can not teach any joinery or fine furniture skills such as dovetail joints - see our joinery course. This is due to the time needed for explanation and upkeep of chisels.

How to get here and travel considerations

Google Maps Location: In Her Hands Workshop, Manor Farm, Buncton, Washington Rd, Steyning BN44 3DD

You’ll come off the A283 and come down a thin gravel track. Our yard is the first right, and you will see our barn. 

Unfortunately public transport access to the countryside is pretty abysmal, despite the workshop being very close to many towns and the city. At the moment we can't offer any guaranteed lifts or pick ups to the workshop - please email us well in advance if you need a nearby bus-stop pick up. Please see HERE for a few researched public transport options.

Next Dates: 9th March and May 4th



"I loved the progression and process of taking apart a pallet and creating a different object. The emphasis was on using a free resource and regenerating it into something new. The pace was very relaxed allowing for discussion and questions. The teaching was respectful, detailed and totally practical which I really enjoyed. I use the word 'respectful' as the workshop was deliberately not oversubscribed because the facilitators were keen to foster a safe and intimate space in the workshop to enable the participants to get the focus and attention they needed. I felt totally catered for and would definitely recommend this experience to anyone."

"Every part of it was interesting, relevant, useful and excellently delivered! 

I found Georjie's approach was fantastic for supporting me to feel welcome, comfortable, able to ask questions, try/explore tools and techniques that were new to me - and generally to learn. Her approach shows clearly her knowledge and skills she's learned, whilst also she seems to remember how it is to be brand new to something, and explains everything very well."

"The perfect balance of instruction, opportunity to try without being too closely watched, and an offer of support at just the right time (before I lost confidence). Very natural, intuitive and supportive teaching."

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