In Her Hands 01: In Conversation with Alice Wilson - Researching Women In Tiny Homes.

Before I begin, welcome to the first In Her Hands podcast! This podcast series will aim to have insightful and inspiring conversations with women across all spectrums of the building world, exploring the journeys, challenges and joys of building with our hands. Here in episode one I talk to Alice Wilson about her ongoing research on women in tiny homes, her future exciting project and a little delving into the importance of isolation and alone time.

Alice Wilson is a ESRC 1+3 PhD researcher in the department of sociology at the University of York. Her doctoral thesis examines women who design and build their own tiny houses and how this augments their relationships with people, planet, and self. This research is one of the first of its kind to be carried out in the UK, and you can read her thoughts and findings on the website blog here - I thoroughly enjoyed reading Alice's blog and highly suggest giving it a look! Alice has also built a tiny house herself, a (roughly) 5x5m off-grid 'Scandinavian larch timber cabin' with a half mezzanine loft, with the plan to use it as a 'little witchy art den' for making mess and having much important alone time.

Alice reached out to me to have a call, in order to aid her research into women and tiny homes. I thought this would also be a great opportunity to ask her a few questions about her research and capture it for the first of the In Her Hands podcasts. As a result, I have had to chop and arrange our conversation and edit out elements of my interview to make it suitable for listening as an episode - bare with me whilst I navigate the world of podcast editing and hopefully I will improve quickly!

I hope you enjoy, and please reach out with any feedback if you're a podcast nerd!

Additionally I am on the radar for more women who would enjoy having a good chin wag with me about what they are building or did build/what they're planning to build, or like this episode, what they're researching around women building. Welders, plumbers, timber workers, you name it, let's chat!


- Alice's research website is here:

- The tiny house research instagram:

- Op House website:

- Her personal website which includes insights into her illustration work and other bits of fiction writing and podcasting is here:

- You can also connect with Alice via twitter here:

- And in Alice's words, her very 2020 Corona infused TedX talk delivered from her bedroom:

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