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women's spoon carving
women's spoon carving


What does the day entail?

Taught by Owens Outdoors, come enjoy the therapeutic nature of traditional wood carving in our beautiful workshop space. Design and create your own spoon from locally sourced greenwood, always from wind-blown or damaged trees. Using three traditional hand tools (axe, straight knife, hook knife) hone your skills practising safe axe and knife grips. Come away with a usable, oiled spoon and the knowledge to make more! This workshop is taught with small numbers with a 1:5 teacher to pupil ratio.


The workshop is open to complete beginners and people who have carved before and would like to carve again. All tools, materials and PPE are provided, along with tea, coffee and biscuits. Please bring your own packed lunch :) We ask if possible to bring your own pebble for burnishing your spoon (you'll find out why!) 

These workshops are for anyone who identifies as a woman & any other marginalised gender

(all trans folk and non-binary inclusive!)

Sliding Scale Ticket Prices!

We are running these workshops on a pay-what-you-can basis so that regardless of income workshops are available and inclusive to anyone. Our 'pay it forward' options are for those able to contribute to our work and pay a little extra to make the low income spaces available - please consider this if you are able! We'll leave it in your hands as to how much you're able to contribute, but please take a look at the helpful infographic below if you'd like a fair perspective and guidance on your choice. 


Low-income £40 // Standard £60 //

Pay it forward (give a little extra to help IHH and subsidise low income tickets) £80

We rely on a community centred and conscious mindset from those participating to contribute fairly.

About Owens Outdoors:

Transmasc queer craftsperson and horticulturist working throughout Sussex.

Championing heritage craft by using traditional skills, knowledge and tools with over five years experience greenwood carving


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