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Follow the links below to find all the information about courses in woodwork, carpentry, DIY and building happening at our workshop space in West Sussex. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements and events, or sign up to our newsletter (on our home page) to hear first. No spaces available for the workshop you want? Sign up to the waiting list on the home page to find out about cancellations!

Two women participating in an 'open access' workshop, using drills



We understand that not everyone will be able to come to the workshops or be in a position to get themselves here, so we are looking to work with other NGOs and community groups to make that pathway and help bring folk here who may benefit from our services. If you think our workshop experience might be applicable to you or your project, please get in touch.


"I loved the progression and process of taking apart a pallet and creating a different object. The emphasis was on using a free resource and regenerating it into something new. The pace was very relaxed allowing for discussion and questions. The teaching was respectful, detailed and totally practical which I really enjoyed. I use the word 'respectful' as the workshop was deliberately not oversubscribed because the facilitators were keen to foster a safe and intimate space in the workshop to enable the participants to get the focus and attention they needed. I felt totally catered for and would definitely recommend this experience to anyone."

"Every part of it was interesting, relevant, useful and excellently delivered! 

I found Georjie's approach was fantastic for supporting me to feel welcome, comfortable, able to ask questions, try/explore tools and techniques that were new to me - and generally to learn. Her approach shows clearly her knowledge and skills she's learned, whilst also she seems to remember how it is to be brand new to something, and explains everything very well."

"The perfect balance of instruction, opportunity to try without being too closely watched, and an offer of support at just the right time (before I lost confidence). Very natural, intuitive and supportive teaching."

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